Monday, October 7, 2013

Save A-Revolt and it's founder Andre!

Let us help Andre and A-revolt (!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Interview Project

Candies and Whims Interview Project is a collection of interviews of people from the Philippines about their experiences/insights/ideas about being a wimmin (by choice or as role-enforcement of the society),  wimmin struggle/resistance and Anarcha-Feminism in the Philippines Context.

These includes wimmin, myn, queer and people with different gender preferences as correspondents.

The Project takes aim of using such interviews to assess a study about 'being a wimmin (by choice or as role-enforcement of the society),  wimmin struggle/resistance and Anarcha-Feminism in the Philippines Context', as well as people's condition because of role/gender enforcement.

If you would wish to be part of the said interviews, please hit me up at

Love and Soli,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Womyns Project Philippines--Translation/Publication Project - Educational Discussions

Womyns Project Philippines shoots on translation and publication of anarchist/ feminist/ gender/ queer/ mental health and radical texts/ zines/ publications from English language into Filipino language with the aim of publicizing it and distributing it freely into the public or local community, through a language they can grasps, understand and feel connected with, giving them access over readings that cannot be found nor offered by the standard commercial educational system, promoting self-education towards liberation, resistance and freedom.

Philippine based, a labor of love, with its vision of taking the long run to share what it can. It is not limited itself, but boundless into oceans and oceans of possibilities.

The Translation /Publication Project - Educational Discussions aspire to offer free lectures, discussions and workshops about the texts it will translate and publicize. An alternative educational project, a meeting point for people who wants to learn and teach. An answer to the social 'norm' that schooling is the best education. Everyone is entitled to be learners and teachers. Sharing is the key to learning and understanding, not forceful upbringing. The project will focus more on those people who are classified to be in the low strata of the society, or those who are unable to attend school and standard commercial courses but wants to learn something or anything. It is itself a response to the social myriad that education and learning is only possible within the structured, institutionalized educational system devised by the State and Society. Learning is everywhere, it is possible whoever and whatever we are, and should not be limited based on how much money do we have. The principle of the project is to treat everyone with equal opportunity when it comes to education and learning, appreciating all the willingness and efforts.

Currently looking for collaborative efforts, for indeed many hands make light work.. Any kind of donations, any kind of stuff substantial for learning will be greatly appreciated (such as books, zines, audios, cd’s, films, etc). Also, anyone who wants to send texts to be translated or translate the texts themselves or contribute anything are always welcome.

Please send your rants or whatever you think about the project at

In love and rage,
- Honey